Training course in Italy


8th – 15th December 2012

Poggio Mirteto, Rieti, Italy

The project “EMPOWERING YOUNG LEADERS” is a training course created for 30 youngsters, mostly aged 18-30, who wish to become or consolidate themselves as empowering young leaders.

They may:

1) have been previous participants of YiA local and/or international projects and wish to take the first steps into leading small group of participants for future youth exchanges either in their home country or abroad;

2) already have some experience as group leaders and feel the need to participate in this training to acquire more tools and competences to consolidate their experience and role as a group leader and deliver parts of the program;

3) have no experience at all of YiA but have studied (coming, therefore, from formal education) and wish to learn by doing how to start work as leaders of young people into an international context of non-formal education.

The themes chosen “Art & Culture” and “Education through Sport and Outdoor Activities“ as they have proven the most successful in Youth Exchanges. The activities foreseen are ice-breakers, role-plays and several workshops to develop life skills and competences with regard to the role as a “youth leader“. The working methods are the: “Experiential learning” known as “Learning by doing”, “Educator to Peer” and “Peer to Peer“.

The goals of the training are to:

1) provide a personalised preparation to leaders of Intercultural Youth Exchanges YiA, both at home and abroad;

2) structure the preparation of participants before youth exchanges;

3) develop competences di “basic coaching skills“;

4) facilitate the creation, implementation and evaluation of workshops and parts of internal programs whose themes are “Art & Culture“ and “Education through sport and outdoor activities“;

5) increase visibility and dissemination of the results of YiA Youth Projects;

6) provide a wide range of creative evaluation and follow-up activities;

7) spread healthy values such as diversity, brotherhood, inclusion, sharing;

8) inform participants about European opportunities around them;

9) strengthen the key 8 competences of our “empowering young leaders“;

10) adopt, through the commitments of the participants, the non-formal education to involve “fewer opportunities“ we follow in our work, daily.

If you are interested, please send us: your application until the 30th of September. The selection will be done within 10 days after the deadline is closed and about the final decision we will inform all applicants , so keep calm – send the application and be patient 🙂

Please find attached the info letter of the training course and application form. Enjoy!



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